Decided to move the only U.S.C.G. Search and Rescue helicopter on the central Oregon Coast down toNorth Bend, 90 miles south of Newport, where there are already multiple SAR helicopter's based.


To save money. Money that we as taxpayers give them to protect us while we are out on the water. The U.S.C.G. claims it costs an extra $16,348 a day, or $6,000,000 a year, to keep the helo based in Newport instead of at the North Bend station, but they haven't provided any paperwork showing the cost break-down to support this claim.

Update: All of your hard work has paid off! The U.S.C.G. has backed off and has decided to keep the helo in Newport indefinitely! Excellent work everyone!

Save The Helo!



The U.S.C.G. Command in Washington D.C.

Newport, Oregon.



Want to help? Sign the petition first. Then donate a few dollars (this money will be used intelligently in the fight to keep the helo in Newport, not for anything else). Then email your Congressman. Then email the Commander of the U.S.C.G. Then wrap it all up with a quick letter to the President. Your action will prove once again that we do have the ability as empowered citizens to effect policy change at the local and national level when those entrusted to make the right decisions for us fail in their duties.